[English] Go!Enjoy!

Park map

Let’s make a plan!
By car? By bus? Until what time is the park open? Research about the park, then go!

Japanese yen is only accepted in this park.

Click on the map thumbnail to open a larger map in a new window.
See the download page for printing the map.

See the download page for printing the map.

 What are we going to do at Takino in winter?
In winter, Takino turns into a snow world! You can fully enjoy the vast wilderness in winter by sliding down a 200-meter long course in an instant on a snow tube, ski the easy slope for beginners, comfortably snowshoe on fluffy snow, or cross-country ski that is as enjoyable as hiking.
The phenomenon that Ashiribetsu Fall freezes is called icefall (hyoubaku), and is worth seeing, especially in winter.

Park map for the Green Season

Welcome to Takino with the greenery in summer!
Takino Suzuran Hillside Park in the summer is full of things to do! Colorful floral expressions from spring to summer in the Country Garden, brisk children’s voices echoing in Kodomo no Tani, and refreshing air from the forest and pleasing chirping sounds in the Keiryu Zone animate the short summer in Hokkaido. Spread out a lunch for you and your family, or take a rest while on a stroll. Enjoy the park however you like.
At certain times, events are held all over in the park. Please check out the park map for each event that might be held at different places.