[English] Go!Enjoy!

【Information】There are activities that can’ be used because of lack of snow.


Takino Park will be opened as “Takino Snow World” from Sunday,Dec.22.2019.
However,because the amount of snowfall is very small, the following activities are unlikely to be available for a while.
It is not yet decided when you can enjoy activities in the park.
If you are planning to come to the park, please make sure to check on the website before departure.
※The admission fee is free during the winter season, but you need to pay the parking fee or bus fare to the park.

【Activities that are planned to be available from Dec.22.2019.】
・Niji no Su Dome(Indoor playground)
・Ashiribetsu-no-Taki Falls
※Because the disaster restoration works are carried out, the large truck will also run. Please be careful when you go to see a waterfall.
※The waterfall is not frozen now.

【Activities that do not work.】
・Family slope (Skiing)
・Sled Slope (Snow tub
・Kid’s Sled corner(Sled)
・Cross-country Skiing

※Only cash (Japanese yen) can be used in the park.
Credit cards can not be used.
※There is no ATM in the park.


・ Niji no Su Dome(室内游乐场)

公园内只能使用现金(日元)。 不能使用信用卡。

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