Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park
Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park
  Welcome to the Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park!  
Here at Takino, the voices of the wind, gentle sounds of the stream and chirping birds all await you.  The summer sees an abundance of flowers and winter a blanket of snow covering the entire grounds.  The cheers of children echo in the woods of Takino and resonate with the marvelous great outdoors.  At night, raise your head to the star-filled sky and free yourself from everything...all this and more are yours in Takino.

Located just an hour's drive from downtown Sapporo, the capital of the northernmost island of Japan, Takino Park offers a fabulous natural setting.  Pursuing a communion with nature and standing as the only park operated by the national government in Hokkaido, Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park features the magnificent great outdoors of this northern island and user-friendly visitor services.  Among the few zones the park is divided into are the “Mountain Stream Zone” where hikes and barbecues are allowed, the “Country Garden” where flowers can be enjoyed year round, the “Central Zone” featuring a “Children’s Valley” with unique outdoor playground equipment, the “Lodging Zone” featuring “Auto Resort Takino” where camping is readily available and more, thus, offering facilities to cater to a wide range of interests and visitors of various ages.  Even during winter, the park remains open as the “Takino Snow World” and features various kinds of winter activities such as “Skiing Excursion”, “Family Slope”, “Sled Slope”, “Snow Shoe Experience” and more. 

As the seasons change, so does the face of Takino.  Why not visit Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park, where a great time is waiting for the entire family and people of all ages!  We look forward to your visit.

HoursHours: No admittance 1 hour prior to closing.
Spring:    4/20 – 5/31    9:00 – 17:00
Summer:  6/01 – 8/31   9:00 – 18:00
Fall:        9/01 – 11/10  9:00 – 17:00
Winter:  12/23 – 3/31    9:00 – 16:00

AdmissionAdmission:  No admission fee required for the “Mountain Stream Zone” and “Tsudoi Woods”.
Individuals - Adults (15 yrs and older): 400 yen / Children (elementary & jr. high school students):  80 yen
Groups - Adults (15 years and older): 280 yen / Children (elementary & jr. high school students): 50 yen
For those guests using the astronomical observatory in the evening in association with events - Adults (15 years and older): 100 yen / Children (elementary & jr. high school students): 50 yen 
  Free admission for all facilities for pre-school aged children.
  A cost-saving annual membership card is available, allowing unlimited use of the facilities and parking discounts.
Parking FeesParking Fees:  Check at each entrance.
Standard: 400 yen
Full-sized (buses, etc.): 1,220 yen incl. tax
Motorcycles: 150 yen
  “6 for the price of 5” cost-saving discount coupons are available for sale.  Please note however, that these coupons cannot be combined with the parking discount offered through the annual membership card.
  The park is wheel-chair accessible.
  The main bathrooms are equipped with multi-purpose toilets, diaper-changing beds and baby chairs.
  Wheelchair accessible parking spaces are located in each parking lot.
  Free wheel chair rentals are available at each entrance to the park.
  Free electric wheel chair rentals are available at the Eastern Gate, Central Gate and Takino Park Information Office. 
  Free baby stroller rentals are available at the Eastern Gate, Central Gate, Takino Park Information Office and Cycling Center.
  Nursing rooms are available at the Country House, the Children’s Valley and central rest areas.
To Sapporo:
Via New Chitose Airport.
•90-min flight from Tokyo to New Chitose Airport.
•35-min train ride and 70-min bus ride from New Chitose Airport to JR Sapporo Station.
*JR Trains: “Rapid Airport Express” departs from New Chitose Airport for JR Sapporo Station every 15 minutes and takes 36 minutes.
Fares: Adults 1,040 yen / Children 520 yen.
Click here for a timetable.


From JR Sapporo Station to Takino Park
Take the Nanboku / Green Line subway to Makomanai Station and transfer to bus.  Click here for the Subway Map.
•From Sapporo Station to Makomanai Station via the Nanboku / Green Line: 20 min.  Adult fare 280 yen.
•From Makomanai Station to Takino Park by bus: 30 min. Take Chuo Bus’s “Takino Line” and get off at “Suzuran Koen Higashiguchi”.  Adult fare 430 yen. Click here for the bus timetable(PDF form 0.5MB).

By car
•50-min drive from New Chitose Airport to Takino Park.  Drive through downtown Chitose from the airport and get on the Central Hokkaido Expressway at the Chitose Interchange.  Get off at the Sapporo South Interchange, head for Makomanai/Takino and follow the road signs.  Distance from New Chitose Airport 45 km.