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※Only cash (Japanese yen) can be used in the park. Credit cards can not be used.
※There is no ATM in the park.
※公园内只能使用现金(日元)。 不能使用信用卡。

Restrooms and nursing rooms

Here is information about the restrooms in the park and nursing rooms where people with babies can use free from anxiety.


The main facilities in the park have restrooms. Check the location of the restrooms on the map.

Multi-functional toilet

Most of the restrooms in the main facilities of the park have multi-functional toilets.
Check the location of the restrooms on the map. There are accessible toilets for ostomates in Auto Resort Takino.

Places with nursing rooms

There are nursing rooms in the Country House (equipped with a baby room), Kodomo no Tani, and Mori no Koryukan Center.
Use the baby bed for diaper changing.

Restrooms with a baby bed and a baby chair

Many of the restrooms in the park are multi-functional, and they have a baby bed and baby chairs (a chair that keeps your baby safe).

Baby strollers are available to borrow

Baby strollers can be rented at Higashi Guchi Gate, Chuo Guchi Gate, Takino Park Information Center, Cycle Center, and Mori no Koryukan Center. Feel free to ask staff members.

Wheelchair accessible

There are multi-functional toilets, parking lots for wheelchair vehicles, and wheelchairs to borrow in the park so that everybody can enjoy Takino Park.

AEDs are in place.

At two places, the Country House and the Information Center of the Keiryu Zone, there is an AED.
In an emergency, call staff.

Electric wheelchairs to borrow

Electric wheelchairs can be borrowed during the Green Season.
Please return 30 minutes before closing time.
April 20 to May 31: 9:00-17:00
June 1 to August 31: 9:00-18:00
September 1 to November 10: 9:00-17:00

Places for borrowing and returning

Electric wheelchairs can be borrowed at Higashi Guchi Gate, Chuo Guchi Gate, and Mori no Koryukan Center.

People who can borrow them

Wheelchairs are for people who have difficulty walking like senior citizens, the physically challenged, pregnant women, those with leg injuries, and others. However, a drunk person cannot borrow a wheelchair.

For borrowing

Wheelchairs can be borrowed at the Keiryu Guchi parking lot and Masumi Guchi parking lot. If you’d like to use one, please contact staff.
It is free of charge however you need to fill out necessary information on an application form at the borrowing location.
For safety, start using after practicing basic operations following the staff’s instructions.
Some of the roads in the park are not adequate for usage. Please use after checking the road according to the map for wheelchairs.

Riding in the park

Please ride slowly in crowded areas and on downhill slopes.
Only on paved roads in the Chushin Zone in the park (except certain roads)
Turning the switch to off while riding causes a sudden stop. Never turn the switch to off while moving, especially when riding backward; it is very dangerous to do so.
Make sure to take the key out of the switch and always keep it with you when you leave an electric wheelchair.
It is very dangerous to ride with two people. Under no circumstance, never ride with a child.
For more detailed information, ask a staff member.

Parking lot for handicapped people

By presenting an authorized disability certificate, rehabilitation certificate, or certificate of persons with mental disorders issued in your home country, the parking fee for 1 car is free. Please present your certificate to a staff at a tollbooth.

Playground equipment in Kodomo no Tani

Wheelchairs and baby strollers are not allowed in the Arizuka no Tou.
Parts of the Ari no Su Tunnel are not appropriate for wheelchairs and baby strollers.
You can’t use Niji no Su Net and Fuwafuwa Egg while using a wheelchair.

Accommodation usage

Staff is available 24 hours a day at Seishonen Yama no Ie (Youth Lodge) and Auto Resort Takino so you can feel safe here.
For detailed information about Seishonen Yama no Ie (Youth Lodge) and Auto Resort Takino, ask at the Takino Park Information Center (phone: 011-592-333, FAX: 011-592-4061). It is necessary to make an advanced reservation to stay there.

Multi-functional toilets

Many of the restrooms in the park are multi-functional.
Some of these are for ostomates. For more information, please ask at the Visitor Center.

Facilities such as Country Garden, Kodomo no Tani, Mori no Sumika and others

These facilities are in the pay area. Country Garden where you can enjoy beautiful flowers, Kodomo no Tani and Mori no Sumika where it takes more than one day to play with everything, restaurants, observation deck and others.

Visitor Center and Higashi Guchi Gate

These are the entrances to the pay area.
The building that is made of bricks is also an observation deck. It is a rest facility with baby strollers, wheelchairs, and electric wheelchairs to borrow.

Chuo Guchi Gate and Chuo Guchi rest facility

These are the entrances to the pay area.
There are baby strollers, wheelchairs, and electric wheelchairs to borrow.
Detailed information here
Information about the Chuo Guchi rest facility can also be found on the Eat! Page.

Country House

Local, fresh vegetables are used in some of the dishes that the restaurant serves. You can see herbs on the rooftop garden.
Information about the Country House can also be found on the Eat! Page.

Higashi Guchi rest facility

It is available for groups, and workshops and events are held here. There is also a snack corner and take-out menu.
Information about the Higashi Guchi rest facility can also be found on the Eat! Page.

Kodomo no Tani

This is big-sized playground equipment that has the theme of creatures’ nest and the earth. Active children’s voices always echo about.
* Information about Kodomo no Tani can be seen on Kodomo no Tani page.
* Information about Kodomo no Tani rest facility can be seen on Eat! page.

Mori no Sumika

There are gentle wooden footpaths that go around the forest and rest facility. This is the chance to get to know a forest.
* Information about Mori no Sumika can be seen on Yugu de asobo to Mori no Sumika page.


This can be used when events are held or when staying in Auto Resort Takino or Seishonen Yama no Ie (Youth Lodge).

It is in the pay area.
You can check events for starry sky watching and others in “Event Information”.

This is built in the center and is the highest point of the park. When the weather is fine, Mt. Shokanbetsu can be seen.
It is in the pay area.

Lawn Stadium

It is vast lawn slope of 6.8 ha. Big rubber balls are ready to borrow.

Facilities around the Keiryu Zone

The facilities introduced here are in the free area. The Keiryu Zone spreads along the Atsubetsu River and is an area where you can fully enjoy wilderness. You can relax all day long in greenery while hiking to visit the falls and outdoor cooking.

Takino Park Information Center

This is the main information center used as a rest facility. Restrooms are next to the building. Group receptions and inquiries about lost items can be done here, and electric wheelchairs can be borrowed here.
TEL (011)592-3333
TEL (011) 592-3333

Park Station

Bicycles are rented here.

Masumi Fall

This falls is located in east side of the park, with a drop of 18m and width of 20m, it is a graceful fall.
Information about Masumi Fall can be seen on the Let’s visit the falls page.

Ashiribetsu Fall

Takino’s famous spot, with a drop of 26 meters, it was chosen as one of “Japan’s 100 Falls”.

Park Bridge

Views from the pleasant Keiryu Zone across from Atsubetsu River spread out. In the spring cherry blossoms bloom, voices from children who play in the river echo in the summer, impressive autumn leaves spread in the fall like the picture. Park Bridge, where you can see the magnificent view with snow in the winter, is the symbolic bridge of Takino.

Barbecue Garden Ashiribetsu

You can enjoy tasty Genghis Khan—Mongolian mutton barbecue—with your family or friends. Reservations can be made on weekdays.
TEL 011-592-2126

Lodge Yukizasa

A log cabin built in the forest. There is a snack corner, cooking utensils for rent, and groceries for sale.

Fishing Pond “Fishing Takino”

At Fishing Pond “Fishing Takino”, you can catch masu trout and rainbow trout. Fishing poles and bait can be rented, and anyone from adults to children can easily enjoy fishing.

Open forest

Listen to chirping from a bird or relax in the sunlight filtering through trees. Refreshing winds blow.

Atsubetsu River

It is a calm and clear stream that flows into the Toyohira River, and it is popular in the summer with families. The riverbanks are covered with grass, so please relax here.

Keiryuen Suiji Corner Cooking Area

It is a cooking area in the quiet woods. About100 people can use at a same time.

Masumi Guchi Suiji Corner Cooking Area

About100 people can use at a same time. It is convenient since it is located next to the parking lot. One gazebo.

Heisei no Mori

Enjoy forest bathing in the refreshing grove.

Suiji Enshoku Hiroba Cooking Area

It is the biggest cooking area in the park. About1000 people can use at a same time. Six gazebos.

Facilities around the Takino no Mori Zone

Takino no Mori Zone East Area

Various facilities and programs to see, know and learn about Takino are in the Takino no Mori Zone East Area. The “Mori no Koryukan Center” has usage guidance and flower blooming information, “Morimi no Tou Tower” that is a symbol of the forest is where you can see the whole view of the surrounding area, and “Mori no Kyoshitsu” is a base for observing and learning about swampland. Also, it offers forest guided tours for exploring around the forests, experiential learning programs using forest thinned timber, environmental education programs, and more.

Other facilities

Public telephone

There are public phones at four places such as the first floor of the Country House, Park Station, Chuo Guchi rest facility, and Niji no Su Dome. The public phone at Niji no Su Dome is accessible by a wheelchair.

First-Aid office

First-aid beds are available at five places. The information desk at Keiryu Zone, Chuo Guchi Gate, Country House, Niji no Su Dome and Mori no Koryukan Center in the Takino no Mori Zone. When you feel sick or get injured, please come to a first-aid office or contact a nearby staff.


Staff are stationed at four places such as the information desk at Keiryu Zone, Chuo Guchi Gate, Country House, Niji no Su Dome.
For information about the park, lost children, lost items, and others, please feel free to ask a staff member.

Coin lockers

There are coin lockers at the information desk at Keiryu Zone, Lodge Yukizasa, Chuo Guchi rest facility, Country House, Kodomo no Tani rest facility, Niji no Su Dome, Higashi Guchi rest facility, Higashi Guchi Rest House, Mori no Koryukan Center, and Mori no Johokan Center.
It is necessary to use a 100 yen coin, but it returns after use.