Let’s make a plan!
By car? By bus? Until what time is the park open? Research about the park, then go!

※Only cash (Japanese yen) can be used in the park. Credit cards can not be used.
※There is no ATM in the park.
※公园内只能使用现金(日元)。 不能使用信用卡。

Access map

Please inquire for the latest timetables.
Time required may vary depending on the traffic situation. Pay attention to traffic conditions.
Call Chuo Bus and ask the special timetable from 2020/12/29 to 2021/1/3. (tel.011-584-3105)

For customers

There are 3 bus stops in the park.
For people heading to the Keiryu Zone, take the “Suzuran Park Keiryu Guchi” bus.
For people heading to the Chushin Zone, take the “Suzuran Park Chuo Guchi” or “Suzuran Park Higashi Guchi” bus.
For people heading to Takino no Mori East Zone, take the “Suzuran Park Higashi Guchi” bus.