[English] Go!Enjoy!

Let’s play on the playground equipment

※Only cash (Japanese yen) can be used in the park. Credit cards can not be used.
※There is no ATM in the park.
※公园内只能使用现金(日元)。 不能使用信用卡。

Kodomo no Tani

Kodomo no Tani has a lot of earthly playground equipment that is generous and dynamic, and it is in the motif of fun from a wizardly form and creatures’ nests.


Ariduka no Tou

あり塚の塔This is the symbolic tower of Kodomo no Tani where light, water, and wind nymphs live. After climbing up the tower, two thrilling slides await you. Race down the slide to the ground!

Niji no Su Dome

虹の巣ドームStrange rainbow-colored net nests fill the place. It’s a space where children can play with excitement by hanging off of or slipping through the nets. Age Restriction: elementary school students or under

Ari no Su Tunnel

ありの巣トンネルThis dark maze has many dead ends and creepy footsteps and it is unexpectedly clever!

Fuwafuwa Egg

フワフワエッグA soft cushion crafted as an enormous egg. Age Restriction: elementary school students or under (Adults are not allowed on unless accompanying a young child.)

Mori no Seseragi

森のせせらぎHere is an oasis at Kodomo no Tani. Play in the stream on a hot day by splashing in the refreshing water.

Samayoi no Doukutsu

さまよいの洞窟With maze-like castle walls, it’s a mysterious adventure zone. It is full of secrets that will captivate children!

Uneri no Daichi

うねりの大地You can grasp or hold on tight to the horns coming out from the ground. You can’t help having fun and being happy.

Yougan Suberidai

溶岩すべり台Sliding down the gigantic slide that looks like lava excites you. Age Restriction: 3 years or older

Daichi no Hiroba

大地の広場Sitting on it you can enjoy an air of openness while looking at the views.


Mori no Sumika

There is playground equipment making use of nature in the woods. Getting to know the forests and living in the forests makes even adults relive their childhood; this is “Mori no Sumika”.

Risu no Sampomichi

リスの散歩路You feel like you’ve really become a squirrel by going from one big stump to another in the net.

Kirikabu Meiro

切り株迷路Work your way forward in the stump! Can you make it to the exit?

Kinobori Net

木のぼりネットThis is a net spread around a tree. Enjoy the views while climbing the tree!

Mori no Kakurega

森の隠れ家A tree house that pops out in the woods. Does somebody live there?

Melody Kinoko and Yurayura Kinoko

メロディーきのこ・ゆらゆらきのこA big mushroom has an amazing xylophone and a swing!

Komorebi Net

こもれびネットLying down in the forest you can hear the whisperings from the woods.

Mori no Tsuribashi

森の吊橋A suspension bridge made of a net. It is thrilling to swing every time you walk.

Komorebi no Komichi

こもれびの小径You can stroll in the forest at a leisurely pace on the gentle slope.

Zaimoku Tobashi

材木とばしThis is in the motif of an old way of transporting lumber called “Tobashisen” which was used here.

Moribito no Yamagoya

森人の山小屋A pump inside actually pumps up underground water. Gentle breezes blow through this hut.

Mori no Koubo

森の工房森This is a rest facility where you can experience the sound and wind of the forest.

Himitsu no Nukemichi

秘密の抜け道This is a tunnel where Takino’s history, and plants and animals are introduced. You can experience shadow pictures and games.

Safety Precautions

When a child uses the playground equipment, make sure a guardian guarantees safety. Also, it is based on the premise that a child aged 3 to preschooler is with a guardian.

  • Don’t allow a child to play while wearing a shoulder bag, hooded clothing, or shoes that fall off easily.
  • Don’t allow a child to play on playground equipment if they don’t have the athletic ability or constitution.
  • Let your child play at their suitable athletic ability while watching out for their safety and keeping them from danger when in necessary.
  • If you are in a group, make sure to share playground equipment with other groups from kindergartens or elementary schools, or other individuals.
  • The group leader should inform and instruct about how to use playground equipment and safety precautions.